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I’ve been the poor girl my whole life.

I’m used to being invisible. The students at Sweets High only care about popularity and that is certainly not me. And then my mom marries the richest guy in town. I get a mansion, a new car, and a whole new wardrobe overnight.

I expected to turn some heads when I walked back into school, but I never expected that everyone would think I’m a new student. Girls want to be my friend and boys want my attention. But I don’t care about the clothes, the parties, and the popularity.

I only care about Colby Jensen, the soft spoken hottie who finally knows I exist. He says I’m different than the other girls. He says I’m genuine. He doesn’t know my secret, and he never can.

Just when everything in my new life is perfect, something from my past emerges. If it gets out, it’ll destroy my newfound popularity. It’ll destroy my relationship with Colby.

It’ll destroy everything.

From the bestselling author of Summer Unplugged and Ella's Twisted Senior Year, In Plain Sight is a heartfelt young adult romance told in dual point of view. Contains 

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Fat girls and bikini shops don’t mix.

Yet here I am, being forced to work at this upscale clothing store on the beach, when all I wanted to do this summer was hide out in my room and read books.

When Josh Graham accidentally pelts me with a football, I expect him to make fat jokes like the rest of the idiots at my high school. But he doesn’t. He apologizes. He seems sincere.

And then he asks me on a date.

Josh is gorgeous and funny and everything I’ve always dreamed about. But he’s so far out of my league, and soon I’m in over my head. How can I trust that Josh likes me, when I’ve spent my entire life feeling not good enough?

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Broken hearts take a long time to heal.

The only thing that helped me get over the worst breakup ever was building a greenhouse with my grandfather this summer. It’s my legacy. It’s proof that I can move on from something that almost destroyed me.

I know it sounds silly, but building that greenhouse gave me the confidence to start dating again. When I meet Gavin Voss, I can’t help but fall for him. He knows what it’s like to have problems outside of high school. He gets me, and he wouldn’t hurt me.

And then my greenhouse gets vandalized and it feels like my heart has been crushed all over again. I can’t explain it, but I have a weird feeling that Gavin is hiding something from me.

I think he knows who vandalized my greenhouse.

But I never expect that he’s the one who did it.

From the bestselling author of Summer Unplugged and Ella's Twisted Senior Year, In This Moment is a heartfelt young adult romance told in dual point of view. Contains mild profanity.

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