The Summer Alone Series is a spin-off from the Summer Unplugged series, staring Bayleigh's best friend Becca.

From the best selling author of Summer Unplugged, comes a new series set in the same world. Becca's senior year of high school is approaching and she's tired of being the dorky best friend. Determined to reinvent herself with help from Bayleigh, she plans to spend the summer breaking out of her shell. When Bayleigh gets grounded and sent away for three months, Becca's plans come crashing down before they've even started.

Book 1 - Summer Alone
Book 2 - Summer Together
Book 3 - Summer Apart
Book 4 - Summer Together

Book 5 - Christmas With You

Also Available:

My Love for You - a bonus story set after Book 5


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Epilogues: My Love For You

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It all started with Summer Unplugged. This young adult romance by Amy Sparling has sold over 300,000 copies and inspired four spin-off series for a total of over 30 books. Due to overwhelming reader requests, this epic young adult romance series will continue with The Summer Unplugged Epilogues!

My Love for You is the first book in the Epilogues. Park and Becca have fallen in love. Now they will plan the wedding of a lifetime with their best friends Jace and Bayleigh at their side.