How it works:


1. Pre-order Amy Sparling's new book from any retailer.

2. Email a screenshot of your receipt to: with "Preorder" in the subject line. 

3. Include your mailing address (USA addresses only) in the email.

4. Stickers will be mailed to you within 1-2 weeks.


You'll get 5 stickers per pre-order. If Amy has 2 or more books available for pre-order, you can send in receipts of each purchase and you'll get 5 stickers for each book. (So 2 preorders = 10 stickers)

Stickers are randomly chosen from a big pile of cute, whimsical, colorful, waterproof stickers. Many stickers are book themed. If you want specific colors or styles, you can request it but I can't guarantee which stickers you'll get. 

I'm keeping this offer up for the foreseeable future, so come back each time you pre-order one of Amy's new books! 

Books currently available for pre-order: