There’s a tradition in Zara’s family—every woman for the past three generations have been crowned homecoming queen at Brazos High School. Her two older sisters had the honor in their senior years, and now it’s Zara’s turn. The competition is tough, but Zara has spent her entire high school years winning the hearts of her classmates. Now all she needs is a crown and her dream will be fulfilled.

Zane is notorious in this part of Texas. He’s a star varsity football player bound for the big leagues. When his family moves to Brazos City in his senior year, his once rival school welcomes him with open arms. His football prowess will take the team to state.

When Zane’s ex-girlfriend discovers he’ll be attending her school, she decides she wants him back. And what better way to win him back than to be crowned Homecoming Queen?

The Brazos High Romance Series is a collection of flirty, sweet young adult novellas that each feature a different couple. They can be read in any order. 

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It all started with Summer Unplugged. This young adult romance by Amy Sparling has sold over 300,000 copies and inspired four spin-off series for a total of over 30 books. Due to overwhelming reader requests, this epic young adult romance series will continue with The Summer Unplugged Epilogues!

My Love for You is the first book in the Epilogues. Park and Becca have fallen in love. Now they will plan the wedding of a lifetime with their best friends Jace and Bayleigh at their side.

This Series
Book 1, Park and Becca's wedding story: My Love for You
Book 2, Jace & Bayleigh's story of raising Jett: My Trust in You
Book 3 Jett & Keanna's relationship: My Adventure with You