Don't have a Kindle?

Some of my books have exclusive contracts with Amazon Kindle, meaning they can only be sold as eBooks on But you don't need a Kindle to enjoy my books!

Amazon has a Kindle app that you can download for free and read Kindle books on almost any device. Computers, tablets, smart phones (yes, even iPhones!) and more! The cool thing is that once you've purchased an eBook on Amazon, you can read it on all of your devices as many times as you want. I often read books on my Kindle, my phone, and my computer.

Click the image below to download the FREE Kindle app:

You might have noticed the Kindle Unlimited logo on some of my books. These are the books that are exclusive to Kindle. Kindle Unlimited is a monthly subscription service that's like Netflix for books. You pay $9.99 a month and can read as many books as you want. There's something like 1 million books in the program, including some bestsellers like The Hunger Games. (And my books too!) You can sign up for Kindle Unlimited even if you don't have a Kindle-- just use the app and you're good to go. 

Click on the image below to get your first month of Kindle Unlimited for FREE. (If you're a fast reader, you could read all of my books for free in your first month.)