Dani Clarke has never been a beauty queen. She's been overweight her whole life and she's sick of it. She didn't graduate college and get a great job just to still be miserable and single. She needs to do something. She just doesn't know what.


Brent Castro's dreams of being his own boss have finally come true. With his two best friends, he owns Roca Springs Fitness, the luxury gym his clients love. But the success isn't bringing him happiness. He's lonely. He wants a girl that's all his, not just some random fangirl comments on his fitness Instagram.


When his co-owner gives out free memberships, Dani decides to risk utter humiliation and join up at the gym. She thinks Brent is way out of her league, but he falls for her the second he sees her and offers free personal training just so he can get close to her.


Dani thinks training with this hot guy will give her the body she wants, but what she doesn't realize is there's already someone who likes her just as she is. And he's right in front of her.


This sweet romance novel is the first in the Love at the Gym series, a collection of heart-warming, page-turning full-length romances that all feature a strong love story and a happy ending.


Tasha Bryan is way too young to take on raising her sixteen year old niece, but she's doing it anyway. With no other family to support her, she's working long hours and barely scraping by. She doesn't have time for friends or relationships until she gets back on their feet. For now, all she wants is another job, and a part time gig at a gym fits perfectly with her schedule.


Noah Hunter is a perfectionist. Owning and operating a local gym was his dream, and he loves his job but it's time to bring on some help. There hasn't been room in his life for a woman, but when he meets Tasha, suddenly his priorities change. She's the happiest part of his day, and he wants nothing more than to win her over.


Tasha has been down this road before—trusting a handsome man and then getting her heart broken. She's not sure she wants to risk it again. There is too much at stake if she dates her boss. But flirting with him is starting to be the best part of her day.

And once some lines are crossed, it's impossible to go back.


Lanie plays by the rules. Working at the family business has her constantly under the watchful eyes of her three older brothers. If she breaks any rules, they'll know about it. And if she dates someone they don't approve of? Well, they won't allow it. Now that she's out of college, Lanie is tired of being treated like a kid. She decides to find a broody, bad influence and bring him home to the family. You know… just to annoy her brothers.


She doesn't expect to fall in love.


Kris has been on more first dates than he cares to think about. Finding a date is easy, but wanting to go on a second one? Impossible. He just doesn't feel anything with the women who flirt with him. He wants something real. Something worth fighting for. But when the cute girl who works at his supplier asks him on a fake date, he agrees to go along with it.


Because after all, it's not like he'd want a second date. Right?


The Roca Springs Romance series is a collection of heart-warming, page-turning full-length romances that all feature a strong love story and a happy ending. This book includes all three books from the series:


Book 1: Flirting with the Personal Trainer

Book 2: Flirting with the Boss

Book 3: Flirting with the Bad Boy