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It all started with Summer Unplugged. This young adult romance by Amy Sparling has sold over 300,000 copies and inspired four spin-off series for a total of over 30 books. Due to overwhelming reader requests, this epic young adult romance series will continue with The Summer Unplugged Epilogues!

My Love for You is the first book in the Epilogues. Park and Becca have fallen in love. Now they will plan the wedding of a lifetime with their best friends Jace and Bayleigh at their side.

This Series
Book 1, Park and Becca's wedding story: My Love for You
Book 2, Jace & Bayleigh's story of raising Jett: My Trust in You
Book 3 Jett & Keanna's relationship: My Adventure with You

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My Trust in You is the second book in the Epilogues. Jace and Bayleigh’s son is about to start kindergarten, and Bayleigh couldn’t be more excited. That is until she meets all the other school moms, who are much older, much more sophisticated, and who all seem to think Bayleigh is an immature little kid. These women treat their husbands like kings, have a perfect household that’s organized and clean from top to bottom, and have perfect little angel children. Bayleigh has a messy house, a hard working husband, and a kid who always plays in the dirt. Feeling inadequate, she wants her son and husband to have the life they deserve. So she learns how to cook (or tries to, at least), starts cleaning, and falls victim to trying to be the perfect Mommy that Social-Media-Influencers tell her she needs to be.
In order to prove that she’s good enough as all the other moms, Bayleigh offers to host a massive fundraising banquet for the PTA. When the pressure to do everything all by herself becomes overwhelming, she faces total failure and humiliation if she can’t get over her pride and ask her family and friends for help.

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Jett and Keanna are spending the summer traveling to every motocross race this season. Keanna just completed her college degree and is so happy to finally spend time with her husband without any distractions. But then the biggest distraction of all happens. Jace and Keanna know what true love is like because both sets of their parents are soul mates. But can they live up to the Adams and Park standard?