The Brazos High Romance Series is a collection of flirty, sweet young adult novellas that each feature a different couple. They can be read in any order. Download your copy now and dive into the heartwarming romance!

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The Square Root of Falling_ebook

After getting dumped in the worst way—she found out over social media—Jules has decided she is absolutely Never. Dating. Ever. Again. Her junior year of high school will be focused solely on her studies, and she won’t so much as look at a boy. Everything is going really well – until the first day of school when she’s paired up with the hottest guy she’s ever seen.

Jake has an embarrassing secret: he’s never had a girlfriend. He couldn’t tell anyone his secret even if he wanted to, because no one would believe him. He’s cute…too cute. Girls are intimidated by him or they think he must be a player. Whatever the case, he’s tired of being voted Hottest Guy at Brazos High and not having a girlfriend to prove it.

When Jules and Jake are paired up as math partners for the year, Jake can’t shake the feeling that he should ask her out. But how can he get the courage when Jules is constantly giving off signals that she’s not into him?

The Enemy Hypothesis_ebook copy.jpg

Abby Pena’s hands are full this year. Between school and helping her grandma wrangle her three younger sisters, there is no time for an after-school job, and certainly no money in the budget to get a car. When Brazos High announces a brand new school-wide contest, everyone thinks it sounds lame. Until they learn the winner of the contest gets a brand new car.

Mark Caputo is living a lie. His family owns a popular restaurant in town and their favorite pastime is being rich. Only… they’re not rich. His parents’ constant pressure to look the best and be the best has Mark on edge. This new car could give his parents some much needed financial help. Too bad he’s starting off this school contest in last place.

Abby and Mark have their own reasons for wanting the car, and so does the rest of the school. As tensions rise and students scramble to win the contest, Abby finds herself battling for first place with the last person she’d ever expect: the super cute Mark Caputo, her new mortal enemy.

The Theory of the Boy Next Door_ebook co

There’s a tradition in Zara’s family—every woman for the past three generations have been crowned homecoming queen at Brazos High School. Her two older sisters had the honor in their senior years, and now it’s Zara’s turn. The competition is tough, but Zara has spent her entire high school years winning the hearts of her classmates. Now all she needs is a crown and her dream will be fulfilled.

Zane is notorious in this part of Texas. He’s a star varsity football player bound for the big leagues. When his family moves to Brazos City in his senior year, his once rival school welcomes him with open arms. His football prowess will take the team to state.

When Zane’s ex-girlfriend discovers he’ll be attending her school, she decides she wants him back. And what better way to win him back than to be crowned Homecoming Queen?

The Metaphor of Fake Dating_ebook.jpg

When Star Lively agrees to the outrageous plan of pretending to be her ex-step-cousin’s girlfriend for the week, she’s doing it for the free vacation and the chance to skip out on her own personal drama for a few days. No one at the Lake Brazos Resort knows that Star and Jackson used to be semi-related, so pretending to be his girlfriend is not a big deal, right?

But when Star meets Bryson, the broody Brazos City local, she can’t take her eyes off him. If she can’t make it through the week as a convincing fake girlfriend, she’ll seriously ruin Jackson’s life. But if she doesn’t let Bryson know the truth, she’ll miss out on her perfect guy. As it turns out, fake dating can be a lot harder than real dating.

The First Date Dilemma_ebook.jpg

Brooke and Oliver are best friends. They’re also both single. The infamous Brazos City Winter Ball is in just a few weeks, and it’s guaranteed to be the most romantic event of senior year. As excited as they are, there’s just one big problem: Brooke and Oliver don’t have dates yet.

Brooke promises to find Oliver his perfect match and Oliver promises to do the same for her. With the Winter ball just around the corner, the race is on to find perfect dates for each other. Only each girl Brooke introduces to Oliver is a total bust, and each guy Oliver introduces to Brooke is the worst possible match ever.

Do these two best friends not know each other as well as they thought they did?

Or are Brooke and Oliver too scared to admit the truth?


The You Plus Me Equation_ebook.jpg

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