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Read the Team Loco Series Boxset Today!

These handsome dirt bike racers each meet the girl of their dreams. The Team Loco trilogy is a series of flirty, upper Young Adult contemporary romances. No cliffhangers, and all have a happily ever after. 

The full series is available now! 

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She never meant to fall for someone she can’t have. He never meant to let her. 

Bree Grayson may have graduated high school in her small Tennessee hometown, but she never got to leave it. She works as a maid with her mom and flags at the local motocross track on the weekends. It’s good money but it won’t get her out of Hopewell. She’s determined to make something of herself, but she’d settle for something—anything to get her out of this rut.

Zach Pena’s notorious motocross fame crashed and burned as quickly as he had risen to the top. He let the fame get to his head and the partying and girls took over his life. Now he’s off the race team. Determined to get back into…