25 May 2019

Saving Hadley Pre-order Campaign!

If suntans, saltwater, and a stubbornly cute guy can’t save Hadley’s summer, nothing will.

Hadley Parrish is having the worst luck ever. Her boyfriend dumped her for social media fame, her stepsister got into Harvard the day Hadley failed chemistry, and now she’s been blamed for a crime she didn’t do. As punishment, she’s sent to Sterling Beach for the summer to learn some “work ethic” and “manners” from her grumpy grandfather who she barely knows.

The beautiful beach is no match for Hadley’s epically bad mood, and she’s determined to spend every second of the summer locked in her room brooding. Her grandfather’s only rule is that she has to come out once a week, for Friday night poker. Hadley wants to protest, but then she meets her grandfather’s favorite poker player, Jeremy, the unbelievably cute guy who lives next door. Jeremy sees things differently after being granted a miraculous second chance at life. He’s not about to let Hadley’s bad mood ruin the best years of her life. In fact, he’s going to make it his mission to save her this summer. Even if it’s the hardest thing he’ll ever do.

Saving Hadley is a Boys of Summer Novella. If you like enemies-to-lovers, flirty banter, and page-turning sweet romance, this story is for you. It is a novella in the Boys of Summer series, a collaboration between several YA authors. They are all standalone stories that take place in the same fictional town. Escape to Sterling Beach today!

Saving Hadley releases on June 4th! Pre-order it for just 99c and then claim your pre-order goodies below.



For the second time ever, I'm doing a pre-order campaign! How does it work? Simply pre-order Saving Hadley in eBook or Paperback, and then fill out the form below with proof of purchase and I'll send you 2 gifts!
  • A friendship bracelet (or anklet as I like to wear them!)
  • A glitter vinyl hibiscus flower decal from NovaBookish
The colors will be randomly selected but if you have a strong preference, just let me know and I'll send you the color you want. :) 

Click here to claim your pre-order gifts!

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