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Read Chapter 1 from Bella and the Summer Fling

Book 2 in my Love on the Track series releases on February 22nd! But you can read a sneak peek of the first chapter here. 
Missed book 1? Find it here on eBook, Paperback and in Kindle Unlimited.

Chapter One Bella
It’s just after midnight. I can hear my brother Brent’s phone playing music in the room next to mine. When he lived here full time, he’d always listen to music to fall asleep, and whatever tunes he was obsessed with at the time would soon become my favorite music, too. Now that he’s home from college, I guess not everything has changed. He’s taller, more muscular, and acts like he’s all grown up. But he still needs music to fall asleep. I finish drying my hair and then I sit on my bed, exhausted from the night, but somehow still unable to sleep. My body feels like every single nerve is awake and ready to party. I’m too excited. Too giddy, too surprised. Too… floaty. I’m so much of so many feelings right now. The greatest though, is pride. I look over at my nightstand, which is…