30 January 2019

Introducing my new series, Love on the Track!

It's a new year and I have a new series! The Love on the Track series features two new characters and a small Texas motocross track! With cameos from Team Loco sprinkled throughout, you'll love Bella and Liam's adventure as they navigate their enemies-to-lovers relationship.

The first book releases on February 8, 2019. Check out the summary below:

Roca Springs might be a small, boring Texas town. But it’s my town. I’m about to graduate high school and I plan on spending every second of my summer break at the local motocross track. I need the lowkey vibes of a dirt bike track because my best friend is too stuck on her boyfriend to hang out anymore, and after royally humiliating myself in front of my crush, I have no desire to date any time soon. Dirt bikes are my passion. Not guys.

The last thing I need is for disgraced motocross star Liam Mosely to show up. He was kicked off his professional race team for being a stuck up, cocky, arrogant jerk, and after spending one day with him, I can’t say I disagree.

The guy is trouble.

But he’s also super hot.

Something tells me this summer won’t go according to plan.  

Bella and the New Guy is the first book in the Love on the Track Series, a clean, sweet young adult romance.

Preorder here!

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