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An interview with Isaac ben Levi

This delightful book series about a small railroad continues with Book 2 of classic train stories.  When a railroad further South sells four locomotives to the Ozark Mountain Railroad, the engines must learn to cooperate and get along with their new friend Andrew.  Join in the fun and excitement as Andrew’s new friends embark on their first year of adventures as the journey continues!
Reviews for Book 1 -  “Our First Locomotive”: -           Well written and engaging historical fiction! What if locomotives could talk?  Beautiful illustrations show the grandeur of the railroad and their important and ongoing role in American commerce.  Engaging character dialogue captures the reader's interest and imagination. Look forward to future works in this series! -           The characters are wholesome, encouraging, and kind of heart; something that is very important to our family.   The illustrations are beautiful and help spark the imagination as you read along. -           All my grandchil…