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The Truth of Letting Go Preorder Campaign

I am so excited for my new book that releases on December 19th! For the first time ever, I'm doing a preorder campaign where if you preorder the book on Amazon, you'll get an exclusive gift from me!

Note - This is for the EBOOK only. If you'd like to purchase the paperback, I'm working on a very cool paperback box set where you can preorder a signed copy and get extra gifts too! Stay tuned, as I plan to have that up on the site within the next week.

For now, if you've already preordered the ebook, or want to, see this link for more info!

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The Truth of Letting Go

A YA Contemporary Romance
Releases: 12/19/2017
Cover Reveal: 10/19/2017

The summer before senior year, Lilah Monroe’s parents take a nine-day trip, leaving her as the guardian of her bipolar cousin, Cece. When Cece’s parents died tragically five years ago, she and her brother moved in with Lilah. Her brother soon went missing and was presumed dead.

Lilah and Cece couldn’t be more different. They used to be best friends, but high school has changed them both. Lilah likes order, schedules, and a tidy room. She has plans for her future and won’t let anything derail it, not even Cece whose life is constantly on the edge of chaos. Cece is messy, erratic and sensitive. She also has a reason to believe that her brother is still alive. Despite Lilah’s reservations, Cece tracks down an old friend who believes her theories. Ezra happens to have gotten really handsome since Lilah last saw him. Too bad they never really got along when they were kids.

Knowing the odds are sta…

New Release - Heartbreaker

The third book in my First Love Shorts series is here! Check out Heartbreaker below:

Mae Warren is a heartbreaker. Starting with her first boyfriend in seventh grade to the most recent victim in her senior year, Mae can’t date a guy longer than two weeks before she’s tired of him. She doesn’t see a problem until her BFF Jacie challenges her to date someone for an entire month. Determined to win this bet, Mae chooses to date Jaxon, the guy who’s crushed on her for years. This should be easy…right? 

Heartbreaker is the third novella in Amy Sparling’s new First Love Shorts series. These quick, romantic teen reads are perfect for anyone who loves a good story about finding your first love.

Available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.
Find the first 2 books in this series here: First Love Shorts