18 June 2017

June check in

Guys! There's so much going on right now and I feel like me randomly yelling it all on Facebook doesn't help much! So I thought I'd make a blog post to let you in on all the awesome bookish things for this summer. I'll put it in list form because I love me some lists.

*Jett's series is now going to be 8 books long! Part 5, Believe in Summer, just came out and part 6, Believe in Fall is up for preorder now! The final 2 books will be out in July, releasing every 2 weeks.

*After that, you'll get a special trilogy featuring the Team Loco guys. Don't know who they are? Read Believe in Summer to find out!

*At reader request, I have compiled all 10 of the original Summer Unplugged books into one big epic mega book. You can get it on eBook or even in a paperback! It's huge and it's amazing!

*My paranormal romance series is coming out in audio! The Immortal Mark is available now and the other 2 books will come out shortly! I'm so happy with how they turned out! You can get it at these retailers: Amazon | Audible | iTunes (Psst- if you open a new account on Audible using this link, you'll get your first 2 audiobooks FREE!)

*There's still 12 days left to enter the Epic Summer Giveaway hosted by me and 8 other YA authors! You can win 9 signed books, 2 gift cards and more awesome stuff! See my blog post to enter.

I think that's it for now. Remember you can follow me on social media, my newsletter, or this blog here and get all the new info on my books. As of now, my summer schedule is to release a new novella every two weeks until Sept 19th! After that... we'll see what I decide to write next! <3 p="">

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