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Cover Reveal for Chasing Days by Deirdre Riordan Hall

Happy Tuesday! One of my favorite authors has a new book coming out soon! Today is the cover reveal and I had to show it because it's gorgeous!

Check out the book info below:
Two-weeks until Willa Wohlbreuk graduates. Fourteen-days left for exams and senior pranks. Three hundred-thirty-six-hours for friendships to unravel and to fall in and out of love. Twenty thousand-one-hundred-sixty-minutes left to go wild and grow up. And one million two-hundred-nine-thousand-six-hundred-seconds to figure out what freedom really means. Willa faces her best friend Teddy—Theo now—as he defies his parents and reveals something about himself she never expected. Joss appears with blue hair and stirs things up. And Grady, finally, after four years, suddenly knows Willa’s name. Meanwhile, the undercurrent of uncertainty about the future dredges up the possibility that Willa isn’t even sure who she is. All she knows is life is about to change, epically. A story of identity and fitting in, friendship and lov…