21 January 2017

Introducing Unplugged Summer - a special edition

This Valentine's Day will be special for fans of the Summer Unplugged series! I'm releasing a special edition novel called Unplugged Summer. It's a retelling of the first book but from Jace's point of view. Ever wonder what he was thinking when he met Bayleigh? Now you'll know!

In addition to the new book, Unplugged Summer will also have Summer Unplugged so you can read them back to back. Plus, it'll have bonus features! This book is for the die hard Summer Unplugged fan, and it'll be here soon!

You can preorder it here: Amazon

And here's the summary:

Jace Adams had a promising career in professional motocross, until he threw it all away thanks to a girl who treated him like crap. After getting in trouble with the law, Jace decides to banish himself from a busy life in LA to a small town in Texas for the summer. He needs a fresh start to figure out where his life goes from here. The last thing he needs is a distraction from the beautiful girl next door. 

And then he meets her and decides that maybe she’s exactly what he needs after all.

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