30 December 2016

Plans for 2017 & Announcing The Immortal Mark

This year was a fantastic year for my writing career. It was my second year as a full time writer, and I learned so much about being self employed and writing. I've also been unbelievably blessed to have such amazing readers who send me the best emails!

This year I published 9 full length novels and 3 novellas! It was my most  productive year ever since I started writing seriously in 2008.

For 2017, I plan on publishing one novel a month, starting with my new series, The Immortal Mark. Up until now, I've always published YA contemporary romance, but I've been aching to write this series ever since the idea came to me a few months ago. I recently took a survey of my readers and 94% of them said they'd be happy to read a paranormal series by me, so that motivated me to get started on it. I do still plan on releasing a YA contemporary romance every now and then to keep all my readers happy. :)

The Immortal Mark an urban romance with paranormal elements, and the main character is 18 years old, so it falls somewhere between upper Young adult and New Adult on the genre lists. There will still be LOTS of romance, so no worries! I am super excited for this series and I have already fallen in love with my characters. I really hope you'll enjoy it, too!

Book 1 releases January 31, 2017! *squee*

See below for the official summary and the cover, which I am ridiculously in love with because look how gorgeous!!

The only thing Cara got for her eighteenth birthday was an unexpected invitation to move out of her uncle’s house. College isn’t an option for a poor girl with average grades, so when her best friend Riley finds them a mysterious job opportunity that includes room and board, Cara is interested but thinks it sounds too good to be true.
The night before their interview, Cara has an epic night out with Theo, an impossibly handsome guy she just met. He’s charismatic, a little mysterious, and it feels like she’s known him her whole life.
When she runs into him at her interview, he’s cold and elusive. He makes it very clear that he doesn’t want her working with him, which only makes their mutual attraction burn hotter. Cara takes the job for Riley’s sake and promises herself she’ll avoid this jerk and his mood swings, no matter how hard it is to keep away from him.
Soon she finds out her millionaire employers aren’t normal guys who live and travel in luxury. They’re immortals. Theo wasn’t trying to ruin her job prospects. He was trying to save her life, because the girls they hire never make it out alive.

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26 December 2016

Introducing Amy's Street Team!

As we move into the new year, I'm branching out my marketing efforts (or in other words--I'm starting some marketing efforts! lol) and I'm creating a Street Team!

Being a member of my street team means you're a dedicated reader and want to help me spread the word about my books. My street team will get exclusive info and giveaways that no one else gets, and--the most important part--you'll get a free eBook copy of EVERY new book I release! All you have to do in return is review the books on Amazon as soon as you're able to.

Although nothing is mandatory and being a member of the team is totally voluntary, the purpose of joining up is to help spread the word about new books by posting book reviews, posting links and photos of the books to your social media, websites, blogs, etc. I can even send bookmarks and stickers if you are able to pass them out in real life. Anything goes! The main goal of my street team will be to spread awareness of my books and make sure they reach as many readers as possible.

My plan is to email the Street Team once a month with my new book and pictures, teaser quotes, and any other stuff I can think of that you can choose to post online, Tweet, Instagram, etc, as often or as little as you'd like.

I'll also send out polls and let you help me choose which new books to write, what to name characters, and more fun stuff like that. (and YES, you'll get a book character named after you!)

Subscribers will be capped at 25 members at a time, so sign up soon if you don't want to miss out!

To get started, sign up for the mailing list here: http://eepurl.com/cvgrQf

14 December 2016

Amy's 2017 Reader Survey

Can you believe the year is almost over? This was my best year yet, as far as writing goes. I managed to write and publish 9 novels and 3 novellas! I can't even begin to tell you how great it feels to finally be a full time writer and be able to pour my heart and time into writing.

For 2017, I plan to publish 10 full length novels and a few novellas! I've always been a writer of teen contemporary novels, but I've recently had an idea for a series that would be a teen paranormal romance. While I will go back to the Summer Unplugged series that everyone loves, as an artist, I have to branch out and write different things from time to time or I get burnt out. And this paranormal series won't get out of my head. It is begging to be written!

I'm not sure if suddenly writing in a different genre would throw off my readers, (or even disappoint my readers who are used to the books I write), so I'd like to ask you to take a survey about my future books.

I'm the only person who will see the answers and it's all confidential and anonymous. It'll also only take a minute or two, so I'd love it if you'd take some time to answer it for me:


Thank you all so much for being such amazing readers and for making 2016 a great year for books! I am a very lucky author to have such a dedicated group of readers! Every letter and email I get from you guys makes me smile. I hope you'll enjoy my latest release, Lana's Ex Prom Date, and let me know in the survey what you'd like to see from me next year.

13 December 2016

Release Day for Lana's Ex Prom Date

I'm so excited! This book was a lot of fun to write. It was inspired by my sister in law telling me a story of the time she was in high school and her boyfriend dumped her but then said he'd still go to prom with her since they'd already made plans to go.

I liked the idea of turning that sucky situation into a romance, so I took the idea and ran with it. Now Lana's Ex Prom Date is ready for you to read!

You can find it on Amazon in eBook and Paperback here. Read more about the book below.

Lana Clarke just got asked out by one of the hottest guys in school. Toby Fitzgerald is undeniably gorgeous, but his charismatic personality makes Lana the envy of every girl at West Canyon High School. Senior prom is right around the corner, and although Lana had planned on a stag outing with her friends, Ashlyn and Bennet, Toby asks her to be his date in the most romantic way ever. Her friends are bummed, but support her anyway. After all, Toby Fitzgerald is the boyfriend everyone wants.
Lana’s life is now perfect—until Toby breaks up with her three days before prom.

But he’s a nice guy, and he still wants to take her to prom as a friend. After all, they’d already rented a limo and picked out Lana’s dress together. Her friends think she shouldn’t ditch them for a guy who ditched her, but when she discovers Toby’s secret, she’ll have to choose between lying to her friends, or lying to the whole school.

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09 December 2016

Amy's Mega Christmas Giveaway!

I wanted to plan a Christmas giveaway for my readers but didn't know which book to giveaway. Well, when I asked everyone for their favorite book of mine, there was an overwhelming answer of The Summer Unplugged Series. So I figured, why not, and I'm going to give away signed paperbacks of THE ENTIRE SERIES to one lucky winner! It would be $111 to buy them all on Amazon, but you can win them here! Woohoo!

That's all 10 original Summer Unplugged books + All 4 Summer Alone spin off series books + All 3 of Jett's series books, 17 books in all! (There's one book missing from the photo because I couldn't make a collage out of an odd number of books)

But that's not all!

Because I love you all so much, I'm doing two giveaways for many chances to win!

The Grand Prize winner will get all 17 books in the Summer Unplugged Series, but 5 other secondary winners will get one paperback of their choice, signed, plus bookmarks from me and other authors.

Also, if you'd like a signed Summer Unplugged bookmark + a few other bookmarks, that's FREE and open to everyone! Just fill out this form to get them: https://goo.gl/forms/EYKEzfUpYLQfe75P2

How to Enter the Giveaway:

Fill out the Rafflecopter form below and you'll be entered for both the Grand Prize and the secondary prizes. Winners will be chosen on 12/25/2016 and notified by email.