20 September 2016


I've been excitedly working on a new book, called WHEN ZOEY FELL TOO FAR. This one is a little different than my typical romance story. While they're still PLENTY of romance, (I promise!) this one has a main character who is dealing with being bullied at school and deciding to "find herself" when it comes to dating guys. 

The cover reveal will be soon, but for now, here's the description:

Zoey Caplan has led a sheltered life, but it’s never really bothered her. In fact, she just went on a date with a super hot senior, thank you very much. But what she thought was a fun date leads to a new nickname on the school’s unofficial Dis List: Biggest Prude. Maybe if she wasn’t such a pathetically good rule follower, she could get her name off the list. Maybe, just maybe, if Zoey started living less like an old lady and more like a seventeen-year-old girl, she could experience high school like everyone else does.

Fed up with being a loser, Zoey decides to experience all the things she’s missed out on over the years: parties, underage drinking, ditching class, and most off all, hooking up. Guys seem to love the attention she gives them, all except for Jonah Thedford. The gorgeous bad boy can flirt better than anyone but he’s the only guy immune to Zoey’s charms. And yeah, he’s the one she truly wants, but in order to stop being a prude, Zoey gives her affection to other guys instead.
It turns out that crossing over to the dark side is easy. Almost too easy. The moment Zoey’s name drops off the Dis List, it’s added right back.

As Biggest Slut.
If she wants to make things right again, she’ll have to change a few things in her new crazy life. Luckily, Jonah is more than willing to help her.

When Zoey Fell Too Far will be released on October 18th, 2016. You can add it to Goodreads now.

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