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Summer Unplugged Audiobooks!

I was recently lucky enough to have the fabulous and super talented Cheryl Texiera narrate the Summer Unplugged audio books! You'll probably recognize her as Maya's mom on the Disney Channel show Girl Meets World and she did a FANTASTIC job of reading Bayleigh's voice!

So awesome! RT @CherylTexiera In the studio all day recording @Amy_Sparling's #SummerUnplugged Series and — Amy Sparling (@Amy_Sparling) July 17, 2014

Audible has his cool promotion going on where you can get 2 free audiobooks when you sign up for an Audible account so I wanted to let you know about it so you can listen to my books, or any other audiobooks for FREE. Click this link to check it out:  Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks

You can also get the Summer Alone series and a few of my other books on audio. Click here to see all my audiobooks available.

Happy listening! 

Cover Reveal - When Zoey Fell Too Far

I love this cover! My next book is slightly different than my previous books, and it's recommended for older teenagers. When Zoey Fell Too Far can be pre-ordered here:

It releases October 18th, 2016!

Let me know what you think of the cover!


I've been excitedly working on a new book, called WHEN ZOEY FELL TOO FAR. This one is a little different than my typical romance story. While they're still PLENTY of romance, (I promise!) this one has a main character who is dealing with being bullied at school and deciding to "find herself" when it comes to dating guys. 
The cover reveal will be soon, but for now, here's the description:
Zoey Caplan has led a sheltered life, but it’s never really bothered her. In fact, she just went on a date with a super hot senior, thank you very much. But what she thought was a fun date leads to a new nickname on the school’s unofficial Dis List: Biggest Prude. Maybe if she wasn’t such a pathetically good rule follower, she could get her name off the list. Maybe, just maybe, if Zoey started living less like an old lady and more like a seventeen-year-old girl, she could experience high school like everyone else does.

Fed up with being a loser, Zoey decides to experience all the…

RELEASE DAY! In Every Way available now!

It's here! The companion novel to In Plain Sight releases today. You can find In Every Way on Amazon for Kindle and Kindle Unlimited!

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It’s the start of summer and Josh Graham will be working at his parent’s surf shop. When his best friend Colby goes on vacation, Josh is stuck working with Bryce—and all of Bryce’s terrible ideas for summer. They make a list of what the “perfect girlfriend” would be like, and now they plan to find her. It shouldn’t be too hard, since Josh is one of the hottest, most popular guys in school. Right? 

Bess Navarre would rather read a book than go outside. She’s chubby, dorky, and a self-proclaimed loser. But when her grandmother volunteers her to work at a boutique on the beach, Bess has to comply, no matter how humiliating it is. Bikinis and Bess do not go together, and now she feels even dorkier than ever. 

When Bess and Josh’s paths collide, sparks fly. But it won’t be that easy. Bryce wants Josh to date a supermodel. And although Bess might jus…

Teaser Quotes for In Every Way

My next book releases in 12 days and I'm dying for you to read it! To pass the time until release day, I've made some teaser images with quotes from the book.

You can also pre-order In Every Way now: Amazon

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