30 July 2016


My next book is here and I'm so excited for it! For one, this is my first book with a cover designed by Beetiful Book covers, and it is SO pretty!

This book is about Maddie and Colby, two new characters in a whole new series. This is the start of a trilogy that will each be about another couple who are all friends with the first two characters. Stay tuned for cover reveals for the next two books, which will be released in August and September.

(It's also available on Kindle Unlimited!)

When her mom moves in with her rich new fiancé, Maddie Sinclair’s life goes from trailer parks and thrift stores to a pampered life of luxury on the rich side of town. Her soon-to-be stepdad gives Maddie and her siblings everything they could want, including unlimited access to a credit card. Maddie transforms into a new person over Spring Break. 
What she doesn’t expect is that everyone thinks she is a new student. Maddie’s new sports car and designer clothes draw in the mean girls, who are nice girls to her now. Boys want her attention and girls want to be her friend. Maddie finds herself crushing hard on Colby Jensen, and for the first time ever, the popular guy actually likes her back. 
Colby Jensen grew up in his brother’s shadow. His parents expect him to be the best even though they’re struggling to get the bills paid while maintaining the façade of a perfect life. Colby is sick of pretending like everything is perfect, and he is totally over dating stuck up princesses at school. Then he meets Maddie and wonders where she’s been all his life. She’s genuine and makes him laugh. When he’s around her, he can forget about the drama at home. 
Just when things are becoming perfect, a secret from Maddie’s past emerges, threatening to destroy her popularity and everything she’s become. Maddie knows Colby wouldn’t want anything to do with who she used to be. Colby just wishes she’d give him a chance. 
From the bestselling author of Summer Unplugged and Ella's Twisted Senior Year, In Plain Sight is a young adult romance told in dual point of view. Contains mild profanity and romantic scenes.


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