The question everyone has been asking...

Hey there! I've been getting the same question several times a day so I thought I'd answer it here... however, I can't really give a super definite answer, so a half-answer will hopefully help!

Will there be another Jett & Keanna book?
The short answer is no, because Jett's series was planned as a three book series. HOWEVER, there will be some short stories and novellas in the future. I'm planning a really cute Halloween & Christmas story for them, which will release around those holidays. There will also be another novella about Jace and Bayleigh's *new information* that happens at the end of Believe in Forever (Not going to spoil it if you haven't read it yet!)

I'll let you all know when these stories will be released! As always, you can follow me online or subscribe to my mailing list on to be the first to know about new releases!

I'm currently working on two projects: one for my other author name, and another standalone teen romance under this name. The new novel is called IN PLAIN SIGHT, it'll be released in mid-July, and it'll have a cover reveal soon. I'm very excited to share it with you! After that, at the end of July, you'll get the first Jett and Keanna short story. :)

So there's my half-answer...hopefully it helps!


  1. I'm very disappointed that isn't going to be more to the jett series. I mean I have questions!like will they get married,will they have a baby,when are they gonna move out and get their own place! PLEASE reconsider making another book to answer all the questions I know everyone else is dying to know also!


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