17 May 2016

Believe in Forever Release Day!

Click on the image to read a sample!

I'm very excited for you guys to read the next Jett book!

The final book in the Believe Series by Amy Sparling. 

When Keanna’s mandatory weekly counseling sessions start taking a toll on her, she makes a plan to put high school in the rear view mirror. Lawson High is full of jealous troublemakers who simply aren’t worth it, and Keanna has a better life back home. She’s about to become a big sister, and her boyfriend is about to visit every track in the state on his way to becoming a professional motocross racer. She’ll stop at nothing to be right there with him. 

Jett has a lot on his plate - from his job, to high school exams, and his internship with Team Loco Racing. Everyone keeps telling him to slow down, but all he wants to do is move forward. He’s got the perfect girl and the perfect sponsorship. What could possibly go wrong?

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