26 April 2016

NEVER LETTING GO by Christina Channelle RELEASE DAY!

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Never Letting Go (Delphian Series #1)
By Christina Channelle
Genre: Paranormal Romance | Age Category: Mature Young Adult | Release Date: April 26th, 2016


It’s hard piecing things together after waking up in a random apartment with no memory of who you are, surrounded by mostly welcoming strangers. The only thing remaining of her past is the tattooed name imprinted on her skin. But with no place to go, these strangers decide to take her in and name her Mia.

Inexplicable things start happening to Mia within the four walls of her confinement, including her presently mute status, strange abilities, and secretive roommates harboring their own hidden agendas. With a serial killer on the loose, this apartment is her only place of refuge.

But when she finally remembers who she really is, her refuge is no longer safe. Mia wakes up to find out her name isn’t Mia at all, and that her life is nothing but a walking tragedy. Her previous actions of refusing to let go of the only person with the power to break her heart leaves dire consequences.

Especially since it involved striking a deal with the devil.
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It was probably after seven … just as the sun was about to set. I’d been staring at this lump of a guy lying against a tree that was growing sideways. A tree that had definitely seen better days. The trunk weathered over the years, its dark red leaves battered, and barely hanging from branches that looked like they’d snap at any minute. It was a tree that looked as damaged as I felt inside.

Well, having your only living parent die, leaving you orphaned and alone, does something to the insides. If I had to describe it, it was as if I had been burned, like someone had lit a torch to the contents of my body, and the fire had consumed me, slowly turning me to rubble and coal.


So the fact that I noticed my heart pounding against my chest for the first time in a very long time as I stared at this stranger left me in a daze. It wasn’t until later that I even realized he was the stranger on the train that I used to daydream about. I closed my eyes and slowly inhaled, tried holding on to that feeling that I thought I had lost forever.

I felt alive.

I opened my eyes again, not wanting to look away from him, not wanting that feeling of hope and life suddenly surging throughout my body to disappear. Why was being in his presence making me feel this way? I didn’t know, and at that moment I didn’t care. All I knew was that this stranger, this boy, looked up at the sky as if it held the key to all his questions and I wanted to know if they had been answered.

Because I also had questions for the universe.

Hands tucked behind his head, there was a longing in his gaze, and I followed it, staring at the multicolored sky before it soon darkened. I wondered briefly at what thoughts passed through his mind for him to stare with so much need at the sky above him. I glanced back at him, envious that he felt something.

While I was back to feeling nothing.

He finally noticed me watching him a few feet away and it happened again.


My heart beat so strongly it left me breathless. I faltered, touched a hand to my chest, and finally connected my eyes with his. This flutter of a thousand wings erupted in my stomach all at once.

Those eyes, was my first thought. Beautiful, was the next.

Author Bio:
Christina Channelle is the author of Young Adult and New Adult Fiction, her series including Four Letters and Blood Crave. She's happily addicted to coffee, the colour green, and Netflix. She's also partial to writing about angsty girls who may or may not have a potty mouth.

Christina was born and raised in the Greater Toronto Area, graduating with both Bachelor of Arts and doctorate degrees. She is currently enrolled in a post-graduate television writing and producing program where she looks forward to being buried in scripts and producing awesome web series.
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