08 March 2016

Announcing Believe in Me - Jett's new book & Cover Reveal

You guys! I've been working hard on the new series now that Summer Unplugged is over. I'm happy to announce that Jett's first book, called Believe in Me, will be out in May! Also, it is a FULL LENGTH NOVEL, not a novella, so it's about three times longer than the average SU book! 

This new series is set 13 years after the conclusion of Summer Unplugged, when Jett is a teenager who is navigating his first love. Read the blurb below to find out about it:

Jett Adams is the fastest sixteen-year-old motocross racer in the state. Growing up as the kid prodigy of famous racer Jace Adams, Jett has lived in a world of dirt bikes, money, and everything he could ever want. With more than enough girls to choose from, Jett prefers to stay single and live in the moment. 

Keanna Byrd’s life has been one broken home after another. When her mom dumps her with the Parks for the weekend, Keanna is pretty sure her mom may never come back. Now she’s stuck overstaying her welcome with Park and Becca, who are nice enough, but she doesn’t exactly know them. 

The Parks own a dirt bike track with the Adams and while Keanna is waiting on her mom to return, she spends a lot of time hanging out alone. Jett is under strict orders to make her feel welcome, but they’re from two different worlds and everything he does seems to get under her skin. Keanna has known guys like Jett before and she’s smart enough to stay away from someone whose looks can get him anything he wants. After just a few days, Jett can’t stop thinking about her. But if he wants her to see him as anything other than some cocky rich guy, he’ll have to show her his true feelings and make her believe in him.

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