It's an Audiobook Summer

I hope everyone's summer is off to a great start! I've been busying finishing up book 7 of the Summer Unplugged series (Available for pre-order now) and I've also started a brand new series that I'm super excited about. (Stay tuned to learn more about it!)

Because it's summer and school's out, I think it's a great time to listen to audio books. I listen to them constantly in my car or while working out and with Audible's app, you can listen on your phone or computer.

Amazon has given me this awesome code that will let you guys get TWO FREE AUDIO BOOKS when you sign up!  Here's the link: Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks

If I were you, I'd listen to my own audio books. (hehehehehe) I recommend the first Summer Unplugged series, books 1-4 read by the SUPER AWESOME and crazy talented Cheryl Texiera, a Disney Channel actress from Girl Meets World.

Click here to get it on Audible

Then, because you get two free books, I'd also get Summer Alone, part 1 in Becca's series:

Click here to get it on Audible


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