04 September 2014

Summer Alone Inspiration board

Pinterest is so freaking addicting! I've channeled my addiction into making an inspiration board for the Summer Alone book. I've added pictures that remind me of Becca's bedroom and my favorite part of her room - her ever changing Quote Board.

I've also added some BMX pictures that remind me of the place she gets a summer job. If you're waiting for October 1st to read the first book, check out the Pinterest Inspiration board!

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02 September 2014

Swag September - win free stuff!

It's time for Swag September!! 

Swag September is organized by Amber at Paradise of Pages. It will occur through the whole month of September. You don't need to worry how much you read during the month, the only thing you need to do is when you do read, read only the books that you have swag for. If it isn't on a piece of swag you read, don't read it. There will be guest posts, interviews, excerpts, a read-a-thon, and lots and lots of giveaways. Where can you go wrong? For any information or questions you may have as well as updates, visit Amber over at Paradise of Pages. ~From Amber at Paradise of Pages

Today Amber is giving away bookmarks and signed books from yours truly. Check it out here!

Summer Alone Pre-order! WOOHOO!

From the best selling author of Summer Unplugged, comes a new series set in the same world. Becca's senior year of high school is approaching and she's tired of being the dorky best friend. Determined to reinvent herself with help from Bayleigh, she plans to spend the summer breaking out of her shell. When Bayleigh gets grounded and sent away for three months, Becca's plans come crashing down before they've even started. 

Now Becca is alone and can't even talk to Bayleigh on the phone. Not wanting to miss out on the summer before senior year, she takes a job at the local indoor BMX track. The job is fun, her boss is laid back, and the place is packed with hot guys. One of them just might have a crush on her. This may be a summer without her best friend, but it doesn't mean she'll have to spend the summer alone. 

Part 1 will be released Oct 1st, 2014. AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER NOW!