26 August 2014

Hey there! I never thought it would happen, but I broke down and made a Facebook page. I think it'll help me connect easier with my teen readers, since they don't all use Twitter.

If you'd like to *like* me, please click here: https://www.facebook.com/AuthorAmySparling


11 August 2014

Cover Reveal: SUMMER ALONE

YOU GUYS! I am so excited for this cover! And for the series as a whole. And it's all thanks to YOU, my perfect and amazing and super good-looking readers. You guys asked for a series from Becca's point of view, and now you're getting it.

If you liked Summer Unplugged, now you'll get to see what happened during Bayleigh's best friend Becca's summer that year. Becca had planned to spend the summer hanging out with Bayleigh and then her plans all came crashing down when her best friend got grounded and sent away for the summer.

Now Becca is alone and can't even talk to Bayleigh on the phone. Not wanting to miss out on the summer before senior year, she takes a job at the local indoor BMX track. The job is fun, her boss is laid back, and the place is packed with hot guys. This may be a summer without her best friend, but it doesn't mean she'll have to spend the summer alone.

Expected publication date: October 2014

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08 August 2014

An Announcement

Happy Friday! 

I am excited to announce the new series I am working on, which was inspired by your suggestions...

Bayleigh's best friend Becca will now get her own series! Now we can see what happens with her and if she'll ever find love. (Knowing me, I'm sure she will!)

Now I need to think of a cute title!

04 August 2014

Note to Bloggers & Bookish people

Hey guys! I have one metric crap ton of these Summer Unplugged bookmarks available. Right now they are sitting in a box on my shelf. They need to be in the hands of readers! If you're a book blogger or an author who frequently mails out giveaways and/or swag, and would like some of these to include with your mailings, please let me know!

OR, if you have a great idea for them, like if you work at a library or bookshop and it's allowed to leave book swag, please feel free to request these as well. I would love to see how far my bookmarks can go and how many hands they can get into.

Please fill out this form with your address and under the address please let me know approx how many you'd like.