07 July 2014

Music Monday with Summer Unplugged

It's Music Monday and I have three fun things to share with you guys today! One - I made a playlist of Bayleigh's new favorite album, which I'm pretty sure Jace would roll his eyes at, and you can listen to the songs here:

I'm also excited to share the ONE TIME ONLY deal with you - The Summer Unplugged Series
 is on sale for 99 cents! For today only, you can get all four parts of the series (which are usually 99 cents each) for the price of one. If you already have the books, this is a great opportunity to gift a copy to someone you know.

And finally, this news isn't exactly *music* related, but it IS audio related. *drum roll please*..... Summer Unplugged is currently in production to be made into an audio book!! The amazingly talented actress and producer Cheryl Texiera is the narrator, and I've already heard some of the book... I promise you, she is rocking Bayleigh's voice in this story. You guys are going to love it.

Check out the audio book artwork below:

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