29 July 2014

Special offer for students! (and adults returning to school!)

You have the opportunity to get a $20 DVD for free by just ordering a $10 book "thinking reading remembering" from Amazon.

It's suitable for adults and students soon returning to school. The DVD "Enriched Learning" is a perfect companion to the book.

This offer expires on August 1st and is open to Canadian and American residents.

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28 July 2014

Awesome Book Alert! Attached by Talie D. Hawkins

This is a sweet book that is perfect for a summer read. I love ghost stories and I especially love crushes! Check it out!

Hadley can't catch a break. Almost murdered, dealing with the ghost of her best friend, new school, new state...and to top it off, the boy across the street hates her! Can she keep her new friends and crush safe from her dark past?

Buy Attachedon Amazon.

Connect with Talie  D. Hawkins online: Twitter | Instagram | Goodreads

27 July 2014

Awesome book alert - The 17 by Mike Kilroy

This book is next on my TBR list. It has aliens, arenas and love. Check it out and let me know what you think!

YOLO? Not here where You Only Live Forever. 
In the center of the universe, an ancient species known as the Ankhs are in their death throes. What they seek is a "Spark." 
Zack Earnest, a rather average seventeen-year-old boy from a small town in Maine, and sixteen others may be able to provide it. The odd and lonely teen is whisked away from his home, from his best—and only—friend, Caroline, and from his mom's scrumptious eggs to a place where the rules of life and death don't apply. 
Teenagers from his world—and from many others as well—are tested in elaborate arenas. They die and are resurrected in a brutal and tortuous vetting process by the Ankhs. 
Zack passes the test and a whole universe is revealed to him. He becomes smitten with Mizuki, the girl (in the solar system) next door, and they soon discover the Ankh's intentions are not what they seem. 
From the best-selling author of Nine Meals comes a story of hope and redemption, of patience and understanding, of acceptance and belonging and that, even in the center of the universe, love is a constant.

Buy The 17on Amazon today!


Since he wrote his first book at the age of 8 about "The Venusians" for a school project, Mike Kilroy has been hooked on writing. An award-winning journalist for more than two decades, Kilroy has now authored two novels: the best-selling, post-apocalyptic tome "Nine Meals," and the swashbuckling YA science fiction tale "The 17."

Connect wtih Mike Kilroy on Twitter: https://twitter.com/KilroyWasHere7
And on Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7849159.Mike_Kilroy

25 July 2014

Signed Bookmark Giveaway

Look at these pretties! They are shiny and awesome and I love them. I have tons of them to giveaway, so if you'd like a signed bookmark, fill out this form! Open internationally.

23 July 2014

New book alert! Bestselling Aranya by Marc Secchia, Shapeshifter Dragons Book 1

After reading Meg Jensen's Hidden, I've been dying to get my hands on more YA dragon fiction. Today's featured book looks like a winner! Aranya is book 1 of the Shapeshifter Dragons series by Marc Secchia. It was released just a month ago and is already a best seller! Make sure you check out the excerpt at the end of this post.

Check out the blurb below:

Chained to a rock and tossed off a cliff by her boyfriend, Aranya is executed for high treason against the Sylakian Empire. Falling a league into the deadly Cloudlands is not a fate she ever envisaged. But what if she did not die? What if she could spread her wings and fly? 

Long ago, Dragons ruled the Island-World above the Cloudlands. But their Human slaves cast off the chains of Dragonish tyranny. Humans spread across the Islands in their flying Dragonships, colonising, building and warring. Now, the all-conquering Sylakians have defeated the last bastion of freedom–the Island-Kingdom of Immadia. 

Evil has a new enemy. Aranya, Princess of Immadia. Dragon Shapeshifter.

Quotable quote: "Still lay the Island-Wold beneath the whisper of a Dragon's wings"


Marc is a South African-born author who lives and works in Ethiopia with his wife and 4 children, 2 dogs, a rabbit, and a variable number of marabou storks that roost on the acacia trees out back. On a good night there are also hyenas patrolling the back fence. When he's not writing about Africa Marc can be found travelling to remote locations. He thinks there's nothing better than standing on a mountaintop wondering what lies over the next horizon.

Connect with Marc: Website | Facebook | Twitter


Nak scowled at the Dragon, who glowered in return. “I’m trying, Nak.”
“Trying with the wrong brain,” said Nak. “Try to appreciate, my delectable damsel, how much more brain there is behind that thick Dragon skull of yours than a Human will ever enjoy. Islands’ sakes, your head and muzzle are longer than I am tall. A Dragon’s brain is designed for flying.”
“I understand that, Nak.”
“But does it penetrate that impervious shield of armoured Dragon bone about your cranium?” Nak smacked her muzzle for emphasis. “The instant Human-Aranya tries to fly, you resemble a blue-speckled marsh stork stuck in a glue trap, flapping up and down in a panic. Dragons glide, Aranya. They soar. They do not flap straight up and down like a child playing Dragonships, they tilt the wing to minimise drag on the forward stroke and maximise power and lift on the backward stroke. A figure of eight is basic to good flying.”
He demonstrated with his arms–for the tenth time, Aranya thought, crossly. The real problem lay between her ears, precisely as he said, in her inability to disassociate her Human brain from the business of flying. Don’t think. Just fly. Easy as breathing.
She followed his instructions yet again, showing the maximum extent of her incredibly flexible wing joints. She made her wing tips touch together ahead of her nose, then way above her back, before spreading her wings to their maximum extent, her struts straining and her muscles quivering as she held the required position.
Nak marched along her wing, tapping the salient points with his cane. “First joint, the shoulder. The second–your elbow, if you prefer–brings the wing bone forward again, although you can reverse it and lock the joint for the gliding configurations. Eleven flight struts, your primary struts, lie between the shoulder and the elbow. They are a light and flexible form of Dragon bone. Seven struts lie between the elbow and the third joint, your wrist. These provide power when used properly. All of your struts can curve with these ancillary muscles to provide additional shape to the wing’s surface. From the wrist to the wingtip we have five thinner struts. These provide manoeuvrability and fine control in the air. Now, the tail–”
“Nak. You’re filling her brain with technicalities,” said Oyda. “The poor girl’s mired worse than your stork in a glue trap.”
“Ha!” snorted Nak, resting on a boulder. He waved his cane. “Your pupil, master.”
Aranya glanced between them. They were so familiar with Dragons. So experienced. Nothing about Dragon-Aranya seemed to surprise Nak and Oyda. It was hard to believe that the rest of the Island-World did not feel the same way.
Advancing toward her with a posy of wildflowers held in her right hand, which she had been collecting, Oyda said, “I’ve been thinking.”
“Thinking is precisely the problem around here,” Nak interrupted.
Oyda quelled him with a fierce scowl of her own. “Right, my fledgling. Memorise these flowers.”
“I–um, what’s this got to do with–”
“Now, or it’s none of my honey biscuits for you later, you churlish wretch.”
Aranya studied the wildflowers. Five meadow daisies, a sprinkling of tiny blue-tinkles and three each of peonies, red anemones and tall bursts of fireflowers, made up her posy.
“Now, you will make a pass above the dell,” Oyda instructed. “While you fly, you will tell your Human brain to paint these flowers in every detail. I will question you afterward. And–do shut your yawning trap, petal. You’re catching flies.”
Grumbling to herself about how direct Nak and Oyda could be at times, Aranya thumped four-pawed over to the edge of the cliff, to her favourite outcropping, and threw herself into the air. This bit at least she had grasped. As usual, the moment she was aloft, her Human and Dragon brains went to war in her head. She immediately wallowed in the air. Every wing beat was a struggle.
Fine. She would paint flowers.
Aranya shot through the morning air. The deep golden sunbeams of a partial eclipse, the twin suns almost completely hidden behind Iridith’s bulk, seemed thick enough to swim in. She wheeled a thousand feet out and spun back on her wingtip for the required pass over the dell, where the figures of two tiny old people watched her intently.
She shaped meadow daisies. She concentrated on the finely bearded leaves of the fireflowers.
And she flew like a Dragon.
She raced across the sword-grass of the dell, almost brushing the blade-tips with her wingtips, before corkscrewing up above the forest bordering the heights and doubling back for a graceful landing that barely disturbed the still morning air.
Nak and Oyda smiled mysteriously at Aranya.
“Well? How was that?”
Nak wiped his eye. “Got a gnat stuck …”
“You old charlatan.” Oyda clipped the back of his head fondly. “That was Dragon, Aranya. Pure Dragon.”

20 July 2014

Award winning book! A Simple Idea to Empower Kids - Teen's Edition by Kathleen Boucher

Hey everyone! This is the second book that deals with bullying that I've shared with you and I'm very excited about helping spread the word about such a great award-winning book. (Also, check out the awesome cover!)

"A Simple Idea to Empower Kids: Teen's Edition" is written to empower pre-teens and older. It teaches pre-teens to believe in themselves, to have enough confidence to overcome bullying. It teaches the law of attraction so simply that they can start using it right away to attract their goals and dreams. It will give them the confidence and internal strength to make better choices. And is that not what it is all about, the choices we make in life? Let us empower our kids to be the best they can be.

The 2014 Creative Child Awards Program consisting of moms and educators has awarded the following:

A Simple Idea to Empower Kids-Teen's edition 
Books for Teens category

A Simple Idea to Empower Kids-based on the power of love, choice and belief
Kids Books category


As a parent, Kathleen Boucher wanted her two kids to be happy and confident. For over fifteen years she has taught her two kids to follow the three principles in A Simple Idea to Empower Kids: Teen Edition with great success. Her mission is to inspire and motivate kids to follow their dreams.

Connect with Kathleen online: Website | Facebook 

18 July 2014

FREE book alert! Witchwood Estate - Going Home by Patti Roberts

This book is currently FREE on Amazon! You can get it here: Witchwood Estate - Going Home (bk 1) (Witchwood Estate - Episodic, short story series)

All I can say is I loved this book - once I started to read it, I couldnt put it down!!!!! Jennifer Leblanc

There is something very evil lurking in the woods surrounding Witchwood Estate... Whimsical, "TV" length episodes in an ongoing series. Witches, spells, ghosts, sprites, shape-shifters, wolves and more... For all those young at heart... Equal measure of both Magic and Evil.

Alexandria Santorini learns as a child that she comes from a long line of Harvey witches. Now, as a teenager, Alexandria must say goodbye to Catnip Cottage and the Barnabys, her loving guardians for the last twelve years, and go home to Ferntree Falls to claim her inheritance. Witchwood Estate. The home where she was born and her parents were murdered. Her journey home becomes somewhat sinister, however, when she discovers that there are those who have other plans for her and her new friends…

Grab your broomstick/dustbuster out of the closet and come along for the ride!

What a delightfully magical read! For the young at heart or others who don't fear to dream. I enjoyed it so much! The wonderfully created world that you have so vividly written is easily envisaged! Katrina Whittaker

Book 2: Witchwood Estate - Ferntree Falls (book 2 - Episodic series)


PATTI ROBERTS was born in Brisbane Australia but soon moved to Darwin in the Northern Territory. Patti now lives in Cairns, Queensland where she is writing the Paradox Series of books. Patti is currently working on a new teen novel, Witchwood Estate, which is being published as episodic, short story fiction, and a drama called, About Three Authors. Patti also designs book covers and trailers for authors in her spare time, and it is her wish to one day own and operate a writers retreat in FNQ Australia.

Website | Twitter | Facebook

My books are now available for Apple!

Okay guys, please allow me to sound like a total weirdo when I say that I have no idea how Apple ebooks work. Up until just now, I was calling it iTunes, but apparently you download ebooks on iBooks on Apple?


I am super excited that my books are now available for Apple products on whatever the heck their software to purchase ebooks is called. My husband took screen shots on his iPhone for me so I could see them listed in the Apple online store!

Here's a link for Summer Unplugged, my FREE novella on iBooks.

Soooo pretty! 
So if you haven't been able to get any of my books besides Summer Unplugged, now you can! They're also available for Nook and on Smashwords.

Have a great weekend!

16 July 2014

Awesome book alert! My Name is Thank-You by Kaizen Love

Hey guys and gals! I'm really excited to share this book with you and I hope you'll check it out. The world needs more inspirational books and we can ALWAYS use a reminder to be grateful for all that we have. Please check out My Name Is Thank-Youand let me know if you like it! 

Journey into the world of Thank-You and Josephine. One, a bi-racial orphan who was born with a smile so big it illuminates the lives of all she encounters. The other, a lonely young woman who has more wealth than she cares to possess. Their lives unfold before us as we witness them encounter abuse, and discrimination. Deeply meaningful, rich, and insightful this novel will leave you yearning for more words, and with a deeper understanding of what it means to be grateful. 

Find this book online: My Name Is Thank-Youon Amazon.

About the Author:
Kaizen Love is an up and coming writer, spinning words into a beautiful web that should enrich the lives of all who read them. She has a positive and fresh take on life, and has mastered the art of storytelling. She grew up reading books by authors from every style, race, nationality, culture, and religious perspective; drawing inspiration from each one. Her greatest mission is to share love. 

Connect with Kaizen Love online: Website | Facebook | Twitter

Click the image below to add this book to your Goodreads list! 
My Name Is Thank-You

14 July 2014

My books are now available outside of Amazon

Hey guys! Just an update to let you know that my ebooks are no longer exclusive to Amazon.

You can find them all at Smashwords.com which works with various ereaders and also on BN.com for the Nook. They will also be available for Kobo and IBooks soon, so keep an eye out!

Here are the links below:

Also stay tuned for the Audio book release of the Summer Unplugged Series which will be out soon!

07 July 2014

Music Monday with Summer Unplugged

It's Music Monday and I have three fun things to share with you guys today! One - I made a playlist of Bayleigh's new favorite album, which I'm pretty sure Jace would roll his eyes at, and you can listen to the songs here:

I'm also excited to share the ONE TIME ONLY deal with you - The Summer Unplugged Series
 is on sale for 99 cents! For today only, you can get all four parts of the series (which are usually 99 cents each) for the price of one. If you already have the books, this is a great opportunity to gift a copy to someone you know.

And finally, this news isn't exactly *music* related, but it IS audio related. *drum roll please*..... Summer Unplugged is currently in production to be made into an audio book!! The amazingly talented actress and producer Cheryl Texiera is the narrator, and I've already heard some of the book... I promise you, she is rocking Bayleigh's voice in this story. You guys are going to love it.

Check out the audio book artwork below: