01 May 2014

Reader Interview - Kristina

My awesome friend and author Jessica L. Brooks recently inspired me to do a reader interview. It's a new way to connect with readers and find out more about why reading is so freaking amazing. I'd like to feature a new reader every month, and today's reader is my friend Kristina.

Name: Kristina Staton.

How long have you liked reading books for fun? Since like 11th or 12th grade probably. 

Is there a specific book that got you into reading? If so, what was it? What made the book special? There are lot of some are "The Game Changer" by L.M. Trio, "The Perfect Game" by J. Sterling, and "Chasing McCree" by J.C. Isabella. Than later of course The whole Summer Unplugged series. All of these made me feel like I knew the characters so well and that I could relate to them. 

Do you prefer ebooks or real books? Why? I like both but I can take ebooks with me. But I love the feel and seeing the words on the real books. 

Name a book that recently made you laugh. Ummm all of them...there's The Rosemary Series by Abbi Glines. 

If you had to choose a book boyfriend (or two) who would they be? Ummm Jace from the Summer Unplugged, Grayson from Beneath your beautiful and last Rush Finlay from the TOO FAR series. 

If you were stranded on an island and could only have three books with you, which would they be? Well I can't choose just three books but I guess the Summer Unplugged Series (since all books are in one), Beneath Your Beautiful, and either one of the Rosemary Books or This Beautiful Thing. 

How do you choose which books to read next? I see if I like it from the summary if it's new or one of my old ones is by how much I liked it and when I read it last. 

What do you think makes a book good and what makes it bad? Good-How much I can relate to it & how much I am into it. If I can't put it down or don't want to stop reading it or if I reread it. Bad- The opposite of everything I just said. :)

If you'd like to be featured on my next reader interview, please send me an email at writeamysparling at gmail.com.

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