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The Best Prom Date is here! (& how to get it free)

The Best Prom Date is available now! Find it on Amazon.

This is part 2 of my new Devin and Tobey series and I'm offering it to you FREE for the month of May and June if you leave a review of part 1 on Amazon.

Here is book 1 ~> The Best Kind of Thief

All you have to do is leave a review and then email me at writeamysparling at and I'll send you book 2, The Best Prom Date for FREE!

AND! If you leave a review of part 2 by the end of July, I will also send you part 3 for free when it comes out. Can you tell I desperately want reviews? :)

New books update!

Have you read the epilogue to Summer Unplugged yet? If not, here it is on Wattpad:

Now that the Summer Unplugged series is finished, (I know I know! You're all mad at me!) I am happy to be working on a new series that I know you'll love just as much as SU. It's the Devin and Tobey series, and here's the scoop:

The Best Kind of Thief - Part 1
Available on Amazon

Being rich isn’t fun when your dad is a womanizer whose newest girlfriend just stood you up in front of the entire high school. Seventeen-year-old Devin Asher has had enough. Armed with a full bank account, she takes a random road trip to have an adventure that will beat living in a house with a new step-mom each month. The only problem? She has no idea where she’s going. 

When she stumbles upon the small town of Silver Valley on a pee break, Devin runs into one of her dad’s old girlfriends—the best one he ever had. Heather takes her in and gives her a place to sleep for the night and a warm breakfast from the local …

Summer Unplugged Epilogue

I've had a few requests for what happens to Jace and Bayleigh at the end of the Summer Unplugged series. So here's a bonus!

THIS HAS SPOILERS! If you haven't finished all 4 parts of the Summer Unplugged series PLEASE don't read this because it'll totally spoil the story. :)

Thanks to everyone to supported the series and I hope you'll stick with me and my new series, starting with book one: The Best Kind of Thief.

Summer Unplugged - Epilogue
The Reliant Arena in Houston, Texas is normally a football field. But once a year they cover the floor with tons of dirt and for one night, the smell of exhaust and the thrill of dirt bike racing entertains the tens of thousands of fans that come out. The smell of fresh popcorn and cotton candy fill the air, making my mouth water. I don’t think I remembered to eat all day. From waking up late, realizing it was Supercross day, panicking and getting everything ready for the long trip to Houston, there wasn’t rea…

Reader Interview - Kristina

My awesome friend and author Jessica L. Brooks recently inspired me to do a reader interview. It's a new way to connect with readers and find out more about why reading is so freaking amazing. I'd like to feature a new reader every month, and today's reader is my friend Kristina.

Name: Kristina Staton.
How long have you liked reading books for fun? Since like 11th or 12th grade probably. 
Is there a specific book that got you into reading? If so, what was it? What made the book special? There are lot of some are "The Game Changer" by L.M. Trio, "The Perfect Game" by J. Sterling, and "Chasing McCree" by J.C. Isabella. Than later of course The whole Summer Unplugged series. All of these made me feel like I knew the characters so well and that I could relate to them. 
Do you prefer ebooks or real books? Why? I like both but I can take ebooks with me. But I love the feel and seeing the words on the real books. 
Name a book that recently made you laugh…